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In 2000, CTS officially represented the interests of the Technology Transfer Division of the European Space Agency (ESA) to the Offshore Industry. Via sponsorship by its member states, ESA supports a vast array of advanced technology projects throughout Europe. In addition to leading universities and research institutes, the programme is supported by more than 400 hi-tech European companies ranging from large corporations to specialist SMEs.

The study which CTS undertook in 2000 under contract to ESA aimed to determine potential technology needs from the Offshore Industry that might be met by technologies that had already been developed or were under development for space. The study concluded that:

There should be a focus on specific offshore challenges, such as enhancing drilling limits, advancing the capabilities of smart wells and extending the deliverability of deepwater offshore technologies.

The project should be linked to a university department already having a strong reputation in the offshore field.

A series of brainstorming workshops should be held to enable direct communication of ideas between offshore industry specialists and peer specialists from the space industry.

Synergies should be sought between the offshore and space industries at a high level relating to issues of major concern such as climate change and establishment of global polices for sustainable development.

Since 2000, CTS has continued to seek involvement in collaborative projects with offshore related companies who are at an embryonic stage of advanced new technology developments and who might like to benefit from developments at a similar stage intended for space applications.

Outside of Europe, CTS has developed especially close connections to the emerging Australian space industry and is actively involved in helping several Australian space start-ups to find sources of funding and related international collaboration outside of Australia.


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