choate technology

choate technology
Choate Technology Services Ltd 

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CTS has established a network of associate specialist consultants of the highest calibre with proven track records in the following disciplines:

Reservoir Engineering

Well test analysis
Reservoir simulation
Enhanced oil recovery
Reserves estimation


Fault tectonics
Natural fractures
Core and log analysis
Seismic interpretation

Production Technology

Production chemistry
Inflow performance
Well performance
Wellbore temperature modeling
Sand management
Hydraulic fracturing
Acid stimulation

Well Engineering

Casing design
Completion design
ERD and HPHT Drilling
Drilling fluids
Underbalanced drilling
Expandable tubulars
Borehole stability

Offshore Engineering

Offshore structures
Offshore hydrodynamics
Extreme ocean waves and currents
Surface facilities
Subsea equipment

Renewable Energy

Wave and Current

CTS also has an extensive network of legal and commercial advisors, as well as industry, university and government contacts, thereby establishing the company in a key position with regard to managing new technology developments and providing efficient management of client projects.


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